Lottery Concierge Services Explained

Lottery concierge services allow individuals to purchase ticketsfrom lotteries which lie outside their national jurisdiction. Like lottery betting, they do away with much of the red tape associated with overseas play, enabling participants to claim prizes without being restricted by regulations.

How do lottery concierge services work?

Most credible agents have offices all over the world and employ staff to physically purchase lottery tickets on behalf of non-residents. The ticket is scanned and uploaded to their website and securely stored in a vault until the draw is made. Each one is usually stamped with a serial number, date, time and place of purchase. Winnings, should there be any, are then collected and distributed to the ticket holder.

How do they make their money?

A handling charge or commission rate is sometimes applied, depending on the company. These are usually deducted from the winnings before being transferred. Some agents also impose fees on cash prizes over a certain threshold. For instance, Giant Lottos charges 5% for all winnings of more than £1000.

Will I have to pay any fees if I win a cash prize?

In addition to process charges, there’s a £25 charge for standard international bank transfers. However, it may be possible to request a non-urgent electronic transfer for £15. Your winnings may also be subject to taxation, depending on the country in which the lottery was held.

Which lotteries can I play?

There are around 50 lotteries covered by the major lottery concierge follows. They include but aren’t limited to the following countries, states and provinces.

  • Australia – Monday Lotto, Oz Lotto, Powerball Lotto, Saturday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto• Austria – Euro Millions, Lotto
  • Brazil – Dupla Sena, Mega Sena
  • California – Super Lotto Plus
  • Canada – Lotto 649
  • Colombia – Baloto
  • Europe – Euro Jackpot
  • Finland Lotto, Viking Lotto
  • Florida Lotto, Lucky Money
  • France – Euro Millions, My Million Raffle, Loto
  • Germany Lotto
  • Hungary – Hatoslotto, Otoslotto
  • Ireland Lotto
  • Italy – Super Enalotto, Super Star
  • New Jersey – Pick6XTRA
  • New York – Cash4Life, Lotto
  • New Zealand – Powerball
  • Ontario – Ontario49
  • Oregon – Megabucks
  • Poland – Lotto
  • Romania – Lotto 6/49
  • Russia Gosloto 6/45
  • South Africa Lotto, Powerball
  • Spain – BonoLoto, El Gordo, EuroMillions, LaPrimitiva
  • Switzerland Lotto
  • UK – EuroMillions, Lotto, Thunderball, Millionaire Maker
  • US – Mega Millions, Powerball
  • Ukraine Megalot, Super Loto

What are the advantages?

The most obvious advantage of using a concierge service or holding agent is the sheer range of lotteries available for you to participate in. And because the ticket is physically purchased by national residents, the restrictions on overseas players areavoided. In addition, most if not all companies run promotions and deals on ticket purchases which adds a degree of flexibility in terms of pricing.

What are the disadvantages?

If you should win a prize from an overseas lottery, certain fees may be applied. These include electric transfer charges up to £25, bank processing fees as well as taxation in certain countries. You’ll also have to rely on somebody else to buy and hold the ticket on your behalf. In the vast majority of cases, this shouldn’t present a problem. But as with any service, you’ve never got a 100% guarantee.

How trustworthy are lottery concierge services?

Big companies like the Lotter and Ice Lotto have built solid reputations in the industry and are recognised throughout the gaming sector. However, as with any online service there are always going to be a few disreputable companies, so be sure to do your research before parting with any cash. Also check your browser’s address bar to see if the URL protocol is secure. If it reads ‘https’ then the site is secure and your information will be protected. Avoid making a transaction of any kind with a site which has the protocol ‘http’.